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What is
Invoice Factoring?

Convert pending invoices into upfront cash easily. Invoice factoring doesn’t just unlock capital when you need it, it gives you 

the flexibility to use it as you need.

Most invoices are set to payment terms of 30 to 90 days, meaning that from the day an invoice is sent to your customer, you’re unlikely to see that money for at least a month, if not longer. These long payment periods put many business owners in a constant lack of working capital, making it hard to keep up with critical expenses like payroll, utilities, or inventory. Therefore, you may have difficulties investing in growth opportunities or maintaining day-to-day operations that keep everything on track. A factoring company will pay you most of the invoiced amount immediately, then collect payment directly from your customers.

Lack of funds can put an end to entrepreneurial ambitions. If cash flow is a persistent problem for your business, get in touch with us. Our flexible approach to financing and credit has provided hundreds of businesses with debt factoring solutions that deliver quick relief.

Choose invoices you want to Fund

Improve your cash flow TODAY!!

You are eligible for up to 95% of the value of the invoices

Save Your Time. The Funder Will Collect the Invoice.

No fees and no obligation

Quick and Easy to Set up.

How does it work for my business?

Business owners that decide to improve their cash flow can choose between different types of invoice finance facilities depending on the needs and nature of the business. The two modalities most demanded by clients are Confidential Invoice Discounting, in which you maintain control of invoice collections and your end customer will not know you are using the facility , or Factoring, where the lender takes control of your invoices and collections efficiently. The process is simple and fast.

Issue invoices to your clients with a 30-to-90-day payment term as usual.

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Invoice Step 2

You can choose between one invoice, multiple invoices or full sales ledger.

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Get cash. You will be advanced up to 95% of the total invoice value in 48 hrs.
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Invoice Step 4

Depending on the facility you have chosen, you will be able to manage your customer payment and remain confidential, or leave the provider to chase the payment in your behalf.

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You will receive the remaining balance on the invoice minus the agreed costs of the factoring service.
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Invoice finance is available to UK companies that issue invoices for products or services in most types of business

Invoice Finance Frequently Asked Questions

Invoice factoring is a method of funding that lets you access money against your open client invoices.
No. Invoice factoring is not considered a business loan because you are selling unpaid invoices to get money already owned to you.
You can choose how many invoices you'd like to fund.
A wide range of industries, including manufacturers, wholesalers, recruitment agencies, construction…Most any business that sells a product on terms not exceeding 90 days can use factoring. Please learn more about our services.
Invoice factoring services and freight factoring services, unlike small business loans, allow you to obtain business financing without debt by selling your accounts receivable. Convert idle receivables to working capital for marketing, payroll funding, supplier discounts and more.
Invoice factoring allows you to extend credit and still get paid cash for your product or service. This working capital tool maximizes cash flow and is often preferred to small business loans as a flexible method of small business financing.
Just if you choose Invoice Factoring. With Invoice Discounting and Selective Finance you ger a 100% confidential service.
A risk assessment is conducted to analyse the trading relationship between you and your customer, as well as data about your customer´s industry sector and the economic as a whole.

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